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At New Horizons Haflinger Sporthorses/New Horizons Farm LLC, our focus is on quality, not quantity. We have carefully chosen our select group of mares based on years of research, looking for the best combination of Austrian, German and Dutch bloodlines, and mares with outstanding conformation, athleticism, temperament, trainability and rideability. Several of them have won National and Champion titles through AHR, RPSI,Westfalen, AWS, and USDF national shows, inspections and year-end awards programs. We are also raising some exceptional mares that we have bred ourselves as future producers for our breeding program and as future performance horses to represent our farm in rated open competitions. Our focus continues to be on horses that possess exceptional temperament, character and willingness to work, enabling them to excel under saddle and to be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike. All of our mares used for breeding that have been inspected are SILVER and GOLD classified through the AHR and have proven themselves by consistently winning and placing at the top of their classes on-the-line in breed and open rated shows throughout the United States, in year-end award standings against Haflingers and other breeds-including Warmbloods, and by winning in performance venues under saddle, demonstrating their versatility and trainability by successfully showing in dressage, English, and western classes. All of our mares have also been inspected and approved for breeding through Westfalen NA and/or RPSI, all of whom are entered into Mare Book I, and some of whom have been awarded Premium status.

Our broodmares are between 14.2 1/2H-15.+H and are by GOLD, Silver, ELITE, SUPREME, STAR, and/or multi-NATIONAL CHAMPION stallions. While several of our broodmares are R-line mares, they represent two different R-mare lines. Our proven AHR silver classified SUPREME mare, R Noble Rose APF, is approved into the top mare book of RPSI and descends from the Rosie NTF mare line, one of the strongest Dutch lines in the Haflinger breed. We are retaining two of Rosie's daughters who are full siblings for our breeding program; silver classified Romantique of Lilac Farms (bred by us), and her 2018 sister, Rare Elegance New Horizons, both by SUPREME National Champion stallion, Arno van het Nieshof, one of the most influential modern sires in the 21st century in the Haflinger breed, who has sired more Gold offspring to date than all other stallions combined. Two of Ellie's full sisters have been awarded Gold status, and the one presented to RPSI was awarded Premium status, so the future is bright for this very special filly! Rosie has also had two exceptional fillies by Stellar--Ressonance of New Horizons who was the 2019 USDF RESERVE CHAMPION at first level in the All-Breeds Awards Program, as well as the 2017 Alaska Dressage Society CHAMPION at Training Level, and Rock My World New Horizons is a PREMIUM mare and site inspection CHAMPION through Westfalen NA and will begin her under saddle career in dressage in 2020.

Our silver classified RPSI Premium mare VPrSt Ricola DTA descends from the same mare line as Rivella TOF, one of the four strongest Austrian mare lines in the Haflinger breed, as well as Annette (her damsire), another of the top four mare lines in Austria. Mythical's dam was the first Star mare in the U.S. and is from a very strong mare line in Austria, sired by the great broodmare sire, Andrit. We were also VERY excited to buy back Rikka's 2014 Stellar filly, StPrSt Rafinja of New Horizons, who was AHR GOLD classified in 2018, as well as being awarded Premium status and Champion mare with an outstanding score of 8.0 (with a 9.0 on her walk!) at her 2018 Westfalen inspection! As much as we loved Raffy and wanted to keep her to replace her dam in the breeding shed when the time came, we found a perfect performance home for her at Shore Acres Farm in Florida right after New Year's 2020. Ricola has produced numerous RSPI GOLD PREMIUM foals for us, WESTFALEN PREMIUM mares and site inspection CHAMPIONS, as well as two approved sons--one through AHR and the other by Stellar provisionally approved through Westfalen pending performance results.

We also welcomed the beautiful mare, PIM's Third Verse VHH, aka Lilly, to our breeding program in 2018! Lilly is co-owned with Marcy Segel. She is by the highest GOLD classified stallion in North America, Alfa of Genesis, who is also a National Champion and Best of Show, and the GOLD classified mare, Poetry in Motion VHH (by Walzertakt), who is also a National Champion and Best of Show, and who is out of the first ELITE mare in AHR history! Lilly was approved for breeding by AHR in 2018 with a score of 78 points, as well as entered into the top mare book of Westfalen.

Foals from our breeding program are eligible for registration through AHR, Weser-Ems, Westfalen/RPSI and AWSSR.

Horses with the Lilac Farms suffix were bred by our farm. From 2007 forward, foals out of our mares bear the New Horizons suffix, which is sometimes shortened to NW_HRZN.

The mares of New Horizons...

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    R Noble Rose APF 14.2 3/4H
SILVER Classified and inspected (AHR), 78 points, in 2005; 2015-the first and only mare to achieve SUPREME status in North America! Achieved ELITE mare status (one of only three in North America!!) in 2011

b. 2.2.00 Nobleman of Tudor Oaks (STAR/SILVER) x Radiant Rose NTF (Afghan III NTF)

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    VPrSt Ricola DTA 15H

SILVER classified and inspected (AHR), 76 points, in 2007 at age 2

b. 3.3.05 Adanac (STAR/GOLD) x Ricarda II GF (SILVER)

2014 RPSI PREMIUM/SITE INSPECTION CHAMPION MARE, AWS NATIONAL CHAMPION/GOLD medal winner ranked FIRST in the Nation (sport pony division) in the 2010 AWS (American Warmblood Society) USA National Year-End Inspection Awards Program!

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    Romantique of Lilac Farms 15H
SILVER Classified and inspected (AHR)

b.4.29.05 Arno van het Nieshof (SUPREME) x R Noble Rose APF (ELITE)

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    Mythical TOF 14.2 1/2H
SILVER Classified and inspected (AHR)


Approved for breeding/entered into Westfalen NA Main Mare Book 1 in 2015

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In 2018 we were very excited to welcome to amazing FEI mare, Merrick RVRW, to New Horizons on a breeding lease! Merrick is out of Mystique TOF, a full sister to Mythical TOF, and an accomplished performance mare in pleasure and combined driving as well as at halter. Merrick was approved for breeding through Westfalen in 2018, where she was awarded Premium status and her sport predicate, and is eligible for Elite status once her Stellar foal is presented to Westfalen in the future. Unfortunatley, Merrick was determined unable to carry a foal after several attempts to breed her and losing the embryo (one just before 60 days in 2018 and one early on in 2019).

    StPrSt Merrick RVRW @14.1 1/2H

SILVER classified and inspected (AHR), 78 points, in 2004

b. 4.24.01 Walzertakt x Mystique TOF (SILVER)

Multi Champion FEI level dressage mare at New Horizons on a breeding lease! Awarded Premium status and Sport Predicate through Westfalen in 2018!

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IN MEMORIAM, MYRIAM GHJ (Arno van het Nieshof x Mythical TOF/Aristocrat TOF) 2011-2018

    Myriam GHJ @15H
SILVER Classified and inspected (AHR) 80 POINTS

Westfalen Mare Book I



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