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2018 Breeding information for STELLAR TVR

EVA and CEM sero-Negative

Straden (Standschutz) x Chione TVR (Altess-full brother to three-time World Champion Stallion, Abendstern)

   b. 3.21.08

click HERE for pedigree

Click HERE to view Stellar's 2018 Breeding Contract.

Thank you for your interest in our amazing young sport horse stallion, Stellar TVR. As Stellar is in full-time training, we only breed a select few outside mares each season. Stellar is an excellent choice for breeder's looking to improve the hindquarter, strengthen the loin and back of a longer-backed mare, add more athleticism, and provide more powerful movement from behind. He would also be an excellent stallion for breeders looking to add a little more substance to a very refined mare, and to improve the temperament of a hotter mare. We would not recommend Stellar as a cross for heavy-boned, older style mares. Stellar crosses especially well with mares by A-line stallions, particularly those that go back to liz. Afghan.

Our pledge is to offer 100% satisfaction to our clients. We know that you have a wide variety of excellent stallions to choose from. For that reason, we offer you the best service possible, along with the following opportunities through our

*Breeder's incentives that reward our clients in the form of cash awards and discounts on future breedings to our stallion
*Free sales listings on our website for horses for sale by our stallion
*Free web page on our website to post pictures, news and accomplishments of your foals by our stallion
*Assistance with showing and promoting your horses by our stallion

Contact us for your complimentary breeding packet, which contains Stellar's breeding contract, registration papers, six-generation pedigree, AHR classification certificate, stallion brochure, farm brochure, business card, and a promotional DVD (also accessible through the link above) which includes photos, information, and video footage from Stellar's inspection.


BREEDING SEASON: Fresh and cooled semen April 15,2017-July 1, 2017. (A.I. only, on the farm or transported semen); proven Frozen semen available year-round

Fresh, cooled and frozen semen handled by Spectrum Horse Service/Spectrum Equine Reproduction Center www.spectrumhorseservice.com and Michigan State University. Semen can be shipped world-wide except Australia and New Zealand at this time. We are working on shipping to those countries at some time in the future. Container deposits in the form of a check or credit card number must be paid for prior to shipments being sent out. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO SEMEN WILL BE SHIPPED BEFORE RECEIPT OF CONTAINER DEPOSIT. On the farm A.I. stall board/pasture board available at Spectrum Horse Service. See breeding contract for complete details.

STALLION FEE: $1000 fresh/cooled (includes two doses), includes $350.00 booking fee; includes first collection; Live Foal Guarantee; balance due when mare is vet-checked at 60 days in foal (call for price on frozen doses)

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: $800.00 if book and breeding contract received by December 31, 2016 (no additional discounts available). $900.00 if booking fee and breeding contract received by March 1, 2017 (no additional discounts available).

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS (Please note: One discount per mare.):

*silver classified mares-$50.00 off stud fee
*Special considerations for mares with successful performance records and for Gold and Elite mares-please call for price
*Multiple mare discount-please call for price

**Return breeders and past clients who have purchased horses from us also receive an additional $50.00 discount off of the stud fee


*POSTAGE TO BE PAID BY MARE OWNER FOR ALL SHIPMENTS-Mare owner must provide Spectrum Horse Service with a Fed-Ex account number or credit card number prior to shipping semen.
*Each additional collection for cooled, shipped at our cost of $185.00-$225.00, which includes collection, processing and handling fees. On the farm A.I. is $150.00. Please call Spectrum for fees associated with frozen semen. MSU has it's own charges for container rental and fees. Please contact them directly at 517 353 9710.
*Deposit for cooled semen shipping container-$200.00 in the form of a check to be held--not cashed--unless cooled shipper is returned damaged or missing parts
*Deposit for frozen semen shipping container-$500.00 in the form of a check to be held--not cashed--unless frozen shipper is returned damaged or missing parts.


*$100.00 cash back to an Stellar offspring that wins its class at the AHR National Futurity
*$100.00 cash back to any Stellar offspring that wins its class at the AHR National Show
*$200.00 discount off of future breeding to any Stellar offspring that wins its SIP weanling class.
*$200 cash back to any Stellar offspring that wins Champion at a USDF DSHB show in either the open or IBC class
*$100 cash back to any Stellar offspring that wins Reserve Champion at a USDF DSHB show in either the open or IBC class

+Stellar's offspring are eligible for the AHR SIP (Stallion Incentive Program) which offers cash payouts to foals at the fall AHR National Futurity; the HOPE payout for weanlings, and for the Haflinger Breeder's Co-Op Yearling Pay-out class each year, which offers large cash payouts at the AHR National Futurity.

++Stellar's offspring are eligible for registration with the Weser-Ems, RPSI, and the American Warmblood Society (AWS). Please contact us for details.

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Click HERE to view Stellar's 2018 Breeding Contract.

Click HERE to return to Stellar's page.

Contact us for a breeder's packet and/or a Stallion DVD, which includes updated information, photos and video of Stellar!

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at newhorizonshaflingers@gmail.com or by phone (b) 517 410 8000.

***************HELPFUL TIPS WHEN BREEDING YOUR MARE***************

For the best success when breeding your mare, you should do the following:

1) MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MARE IS NO LONGER IN TRANSITIONAL HEAT AND IS READY TO BREED! While many people want to breed for early foals, we suggest allowing the mare to go through at least on cycle after transitional heat before ordering semen, as she will be more fertile at that time and your chances of getting a foal greatly increase. In the past, when mares that were bred were cycling normally, Stellar has gotten each mare bred in foal on the first attempt with one dose!

2) MAKE SURE TO ULTRASOUND YOUR MARE TO BE SURE THAT SHE HAS OVULATED AFTER YOU BREED HER! Sometimes mares will hold a follicle longer than expected, and/or may regress on a follicle. If the mare does not ovulate, she cannot get in foal. Just because a mare no longer shows heat to a stallion does not mean that she has ovulated!

3) BE SURE TO DO AN ULTRASOUND CHECK ON THE MARE BETWEEN 15-18 DAYS POST-OVULATION TO CONFIRM THAT SHE IS IN FOAL! Do not guess and think that just because a mare is not showing heat, that she is in foal! If you do not check and your mare comes up open, you will miss the opportunity to catch her on that cycle to rebreed. This also gives you the chance to catch twins, and to pinch one if necessary.