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Rivendell of New Horizons

b.5.18.15. Stellar TVR x VPrSt Ricola DTA

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click HERE for a video of Rivendell at the 2018 Westfalen inspection in Michigan

click HERE for a video of Rivendell at the RPSI Michigan inspection in 2015


(Above photos taken in 2018 at age three shortly after being lightly started under saddle.

This beautiful, sensible mare is already just a hair over 15.1H at only three years of age, and is still growing! Due to life circumstances, Rivy is being offered for sale by her owner. With her powerful movement and willing work ethic, Rivy would make an exceptional eventing or dressage prospect. She is started under saddle and currently in training with Kelsie Rumisek at 3K Performance Horses in Elsie, Michigan. Keep your eye out for this beautiful girl, as she is sure to be a winner!

On August 31, 2018, Rivendell was presented to Westfalen NA for breeding approval. She was awarded Premium status and was the third highest scoring horse out of a group of outstanding horses, with an overall score of 75 and scores of 8.5 for trot and 8.0 for correctness (foundation and movement)! Rivy showed off her outstanding trot, looked fantastic, and had much more energy and presence after working with Kelsie Rumisek of 3K Performance Horses. We just wish she had the opportunity to work with Kelsie before her AHR inspection a month ago. The inspector commented on Rivy's correctness, how well developed she looked, and her elastic trot with swing and an active hind leg. He also commented several times on how Rivy looked like she had a very enjoyable, rideable trot and very useful, rideable comfortable canter. Photo credit Red Pony Photography.


(Above photos taken at the 2018 Westfalen NA inspection at age three.

In late July 2018, Rivendell was inspected and classified through AHR. Unfortunately, she had been sent to a "trainer" who did not properly prep her for inspection (or under saddle, for that matter), and her score was much lower than the high silver quality she represents. Even the judges commented that she was just not in the shape she needed to be in to be presented, which was understandable, and that she lost several points because of it. Having said that, Rivy still received 8s on type, head, neck and overall movement. Rivy was sent to Kelsie Rumisek of 3K Performance Horses right after the AHR inspections. Kelsie did a fantastic job of working with her under saddle and getting her in excellent shape for Westfalen breeding approval, where Rivy shined and received the score that she deserved--Premium mare with an 8.5 on trot! We are hoping that whoever purchases her presents her to AHR again next year so that she can get the score that she deserves.



(Above photos taken at the 2018 AHR inspection at age three.


(Above photos taken in 2017 at age two.



(Above photos taken summer 2016 as a yearling.)

Rivendell of New Horizons is maturing into exactly what we expected--a powerful moving sporthorse with outstanding movement and excellent conformation, just like her older sister, Rafinja! As a weanling and yearling, this leggy filly is maturing into the tallest foal at this height that we have bred so far, and we expect that she will easily top off over 15H. This cross continues to produce exceptional sporthorse type Haflingers, and Rivy's younger brother born in 2016, Standing Ovation, is no exception! We can't wait to see what this cross produces for us in 2017! With a sale pending for Rikka and Stellar's 2017 foal, it means that all four foals from this cross have sold inutero! Rikka will be bred back to Stellar again for a 2018 foal. If you are interested in this exceptional cross, we invite you to contact us about the 2018 option.


Above photos taken spring 2016.


Above photos taken summer 2015.



(Above photos taken at the 2015 RPSI inspection. Photos by Sarah Bodbyl Roels.

At the 2015 RPSI inspection in Michigan, Rivendell was awarded Gold Premium status with an outstanding score of 8.2, and was also Site Inspection Champion foal out of nine foals in attendance!

The inspector commented on how very well developed Rivy was, and that she fit very well together with good size, a nice long neck with a good neck set, that she stayed nicely uphill in movement, had a very nice uphill canter, sits in the hind end, is very balanced, and has easy flying changes.



(Above photos taken at the 2015 RPSI inspection at @ 3 1/2 months of age. Photos by Sarah Bodbyl Roels.)



(Above photos taken at the 2015 RPSI inspection at @ 3 1/2 months of age. Photos by Stephanie Lesperance.)



(Above photos at one week of age (right) and @ three weeks of age (left.)

SHE is finally here!! We were expecting a colt, but Rikka blessed us with another tall, leggy, beautiful filly in the wee hours of May 18, 2015, exactly a year after her full sibling was born! Rivendell of New Horizons once again demonstrates what a wonderful cross this is! This spectacular filly has outstanding conformation, with a gorgeous head, beautiful neck and long legs that go on and on!



(Above photos at three and four days old.)

Rivendell was sold in utero back in November, and her new owner is extremely excited with her purchase! Rivendell will spend the year growing up at New Horizons with her stablemate, Rock My World, before heading to her new owner. We can't wait to repeat this cross once again for 2016, and are hoping for yet another filly!




(Above photos at 2 days old.)

Last year Rivendell's full sibling, Rafinja, and her dam attended the RPSI Michigan inspection on July 25, 2014 at three months of age, where she was awarded the highest status given to foals! Comments from the German inspector include: "Very well developed size, modern build with long legs--not too heavy build, well-muscled, pretty face with a very nice neck, active and stays always uphill in trot." Below is commentary taken from the RPSI site. Special thanks to Ann Daum for the fantastic photos (above) taken at the inspection!

"A highlight of the day was the Haflinger mare and foal bred by Mary Procopio of New Horizons Haflingers. The RPSI inspects and registers purebred Haflingers into their own books, as a division of the pony breeding section. In Germany, the RPSI�s parent organization the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland Pfalz-Saar registers more than 30 different breeds, including but not limited to the Warmblood books, German Riding Ponies and Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, but also Shetland Ponies, Icelandic, Haflinger and Draft Horses each have their own books, with their own rules and regulations, and often their own brands. Ricola DTA (Adanac x Ricarda II GF � Nabucco), a nine year old Haflinger mare, showed excellent modern type with a big eye, good length of neck and balanced and substantial conformation expressing well the modern Haflinger standard. In movement, Ricola showed energy, softness and swing, with a particularly good trot and canter. This combination of type and quality of conformation, movment and substance earned Ricola the title of Champion Premium Pony Mare of the site. Site Champion Filly was Ricola�s 2014 filly Rafinja of New Horizons. Rafinja was sired by Stellar TVR, who successfully completed the North American Pony test in 2013. This substantial yet elegant filly boasted a particularly well-proportioned and balanced profile, with a clean neck tie-in and chiseled face. Long legs and excellent muscling over her topline completed the picture, while in motion, this filly also pleased the eye, with a powerful, swingy uphill trot and balanced canter." Rafinja is Stellar's first foal to be presented to RPSI. We are so proud of this special filly!

Rivendell's full sister, Rafinja of New Horizons, at three months of age at the 2014 Michigan RPSI inspection: