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Ravenna of Lilac Farms

(b. 5/9/06). Archimedes van Seadrift (Amsterdam) x Raven NTF. This loving and easygoing yearling filly is a real pleasure to work with! Out of a Holland import, Venna's grandsire--Amsterdam--is one of the leading stallions in Germany and former European and Reserve World Champion. Amsterdam's sire--Amadeus--is a former World Champion and one of the top stallions in Austria.

"Venna" also descends from one of the strongest and most established mare lines in the Haflinger breed, so whether it is a breeding, pleasure or performance prospect that you are looking for, Venna is the total package! A real sweet "in your pocket" filly that loves people, Venna is also a very good mover with great conformation (very good shoulder angle, hindquarters, etc.). She would make a great hunter prospect or a wonderful 4-H project! Venna is extremely quiet and gentle for her age, and will stand for hours to be groomed. We truly believe that she would be an outstanding child's horse for someone with experience.

(above photos) Ravenna pictured as a yearling (summer 2007)
(below photos) Ravenna pictured as a weanling

Venna was purchased by a kind woman in Indiana who has had her eye on our filly for quite some time. We know that they will be very happy together!

September 2007-SOLD!!! Thank you Eva!

Eva's comments about Ravenna:

"I bought Ravenna sight unseen which is something I thought I would never do. From the first time I talked with Mary I knew I could trust her and that she would honestly represent her horse. From the moment she arrived Ravenna has had excellent ground manners and has been a willing learner. My non-horsey kids are all able to handle Ravenna without any problem whatsoever. I would not hesitate to buy another horse from Mary because she not only loves and takes excellent care of them but they are handled and worked with and are ready for their new homes."

Below: An updated picture of Reba in training to drive. She and Eva have already logged over fifty hours of driving since they began training in the summer of 2008!

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